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How are you so blind to your own epic failure?

Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices
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Snarking people who are obsessed with the internet
a b o u t
r u l e s
THIS IS A SNARK COMMUNITY. If you don't think you can handle that, you probably want to leave right about now. If you're still here, awesome. This community is in the ediotz family.

Did your post get rejected at ediotz for not featuring an efag? Did you get shut down at efanz for trying to post someone that was neither an efan OR douchey scene kid? Then HERE is probably where you'll want to make that post. Read the rules and if you have any concerns or questions, message a mod: amoxicillin_91, truthabout_jane, dongseverywhere, and revenants.

We're here to bring to light the fact that (if you're posted here,) internet fame is lame, your hair and makeup are fucking stupid, you're ugly, your mental disorders are bullshit, you're ignorant, you shouldn't be acting like this at your age, and you need to get off the net and go to school.

Sure, haters "make you famous." But we also have a knack for making you look like a total douche so that no one would take you seriously. Actually, that whole "haters make you famous" attitude makes you look douchey enough without our help.
1. DO AS THE MODS SAY NOT AS WE DO. (Membership has its privileges.)

2. Don't bother bawwwwwing over your friend being posted here. We don't care how nice they are. If you would really like a post removed, plead your case to a mod and we'll discuss it.

3. Don't post efagz or efanz here. They already have their own communities. Let's try to keep things organized, k?

4. Fat wank at your own risk. If the members think you're out of line, you'll be made VERY aware.

5. PUT YOUR SHIT BEHIND A CUT LINK. Multiple images and shit that's too big goes behind a cut.

6. Don't just post random shit without explaining it a little. At least throw in some snark.

7. Aria Morphine stalks this place. We haven't banned her because she's a dumb fuck lolcow that's too ignorant to see her own idiocy. But she thinks she's clever and she makes us laugh so we keep her around. DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT.

8. Grudge post at your own risk. Most grudge posts are lame and usually the OP gets ripped apart, but if it's a worthy post, we'll lol with you.